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What is it like to work at Summit?

Employees talk about Summit’s leadership from Marc and Nicole Padgett, Bernie Cornelius, and being a part of the “Summit Family.”

Summit Contracting Group is driven by construction professionals who are passionate about what they do. The company is managed by Marc Padgett (President), Nicole Padgett (CAO), and Bernie Cornelius (Vice President) who lead the way with several years experience in building multifamily.

What I enjoy about working for Summit is the people around me who obviously really enjoy being builders as much as I do. When you work with people who love what they do, it’s much less of a job, and more of a fun career.

Zach GrahamDivision Manager

The personal relationships and family environment that the leadership puts into this company is incomparable to any other. When we talk I enjoy the time but also the thoughts and idea’s they have for the future of Summit, and how interested and caring they are about their employees. I look forward to our future endeavors!

Aaron B.Lead Superintendent
Relationship Driven, People First

The leadership trio of Marc, Nicole and Bernie set a company-wide standard to prioritize relationships with employees, clients, and subcontractors to accomplish our mission to build the highest quality multifamily projects.

This focus on people is what drives our success and has led Summit to be ranked the #1 Builder in the Nation by National Multifamily Housing Council (NMHC).

What an honor to be a member of a team who has the vision on what it takes to production-build, at an unprecedented pace that few know and truly understand, and to be recognized as such, is absolutely humbling and so rewarding.

Fred C.Lead Superintendent
Our Passion: We Love to BUILD!

When a leader is excited about what they do, that positivity spreads like wildfire to the other parts of the team. Leading by example is one of the most important ways to set a team up for success. That type of leadership is evident here at Summit coming from Marc, Nicole, and Bernie. Our team in return shows passion for construction, maintains a can-do attitude and has fun while doing it.

Thank you Marc, Nicole and Bernie for having the confidence in us to take care of business without being micro-managed. Having an opportunity to practice my trade, Building as a Professional, is recognized and greatly appreciated.

Wayne B.Project Manager
Responsive Leadership

Any Summit employee can call Marc, Nicole, Bernie, or any of the management team right now and talk with them if they need to. They will listen and consider you a valuable teammate with valuable input. None of us are a number. This is an incredible achievement and dedication for a company with over 250 employees.

Nicole Padgett is the most amazing, caring and big-hearted person. She’s the busiest person I know but will always take the time for a quick hug, smile and see how you’re doing.

Michelle P.Project Administrator
Trust and Appreciation

Summit employees feel trusted, appreciated and listened to because their managers are there to guide but not tell them what to do at every step. Many employees have reported that this management style makes them want to do a better job every day. When you work for Summit your career is what you make of it, and employees are rewarded for their hard work and dedication.

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