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About Us

Summit Contracting Group: Built on a Foundation of Trust

Our Mission

“Summit has always believed in putting our customers first. This driving principle has made Summit the top nationally ranked firm we are today.”

Marc Padgett, President

Summit’s mission is to serve our clients by providing quality projects built by professionals, establishing lasting relationships and exceeding their expectations. We are committed to attracting, recruiting and retaining the most knowledgeable and passionate professionals in the construction industry, while delivering superior results and contributing to the communities in which we live and work.

Our Story

Since its founding, Summit has built over 100,000 multifamily units across the nation. Our vast experience and success is about more than just production. It’s about our commitment to excellence, unparalleled customer service and no-nonsense relational approach to our work. We value loyalty, and extend it relentlessly to our clients, vendors and team-members.

Our clients have come to appreciate the benefits of working with our company: our experienced management team, strong subcontractor relationships, and our ability to travel so that our clients do not need to gamble on or build new contractor relationships in every region they develop in. This has helped us grow into the nation’s largest multifamily builder with exceptional financial strength and buying power, and the ability to provide our clients with unmatched value.

We use industry-leading project management software and quality control programs for easy scheduling, budget tracking, moisture intrusion, mold prevention and more, while maintaining quality and safety and strict adherence to budgets and schedules.

We look forward to working with you on your next project!

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Molded By Industry Experience

We provide over 25 years of diverse multifamily experience, having built over 350 projects in more than 32 states and 200 cities throughout the Southeast and other areas of the United States.

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Inspired By a Competitive Spirit

We’re driven to be the best for our clients anywhere they develop. There is no competitive advantage to being like everyone else, so we strive to be different and never stop seeking ways to improve.

Focused On a Team Approach

At the heart of our success is our focus on our relationships with our clients, employees and subcontractors. We’re not a team just because we work together, but because we respect, trust and care for one another.

Meet The Team

Marc and Nicole Padgett in boardroom at Summit Contracting Group

Marc Padgett

CEO, Owner

Marc Padgett holds Contractors Licenses and is a Qualifier for Summit in the Southeastern and Midwest United States.

He has been involved in commercial and multifamily construction for over 30 years including tax credit, senior living, hotel, renovations and market rate projects.

He loves building and working closely with the team to ensure that Summit’s standards of quality are achieved, as well as the client’s expectations.

Prior to being Principal with Summit Companies, Marc spent time as a Superintendent, Estimator, Project Manager and Senior Project Manager. This experience at each level gave him insight and expertise to manage all daily operations of Summit Contracting Group including: contract negotiations, marketing management, estimating, preconstruction services, and value engineering.

Nicole Sanzosti Padgett

VP & Chief Administrative Officer

Nicole launched her career at Summit as a Project Administrator in 2004 and went on to conquer every Corporate Services position over the following six years, ultimately leading to her being named Chief Administrative Officer and Vice President in 2010, the role she serves, today.

Nicole provides daily direction for over 100 team members and is responsible for providing input and planning in virtually every facet of Summit’s Corporate Services including human resources, project administration, accounting, insurance, licensing, corporate standards, policies, documentation, recruiting, marketing and philanthropy.

Employees, clients, and subcontractors alike respect Nicole as a leader with integrity, a generous heart, inspiring strength and a keen judge of character. These qualities have naturally led to her professional success and positive influence on all those around her.

Why Summit

Learn what has made Summit Contracting Group the #1 multifamily builder in America and the reasons why you should consider partnering with Summit on your next multifamily project.

Our Footprint

Summit Contracting Group works in all areas of the United States with greatest concentration in the southern U.S. Our corporate headquarters are located in Jacksonville, FL and we also have offices in Atlanta, GA. We regularly build in cities like Jacksonville, Orlando, Tampa, Pensacola, Atlanta, Savannah, Nashville, Memphis, Charlotte, Raleigh, Columbia and Charleston, but over the years have worked on projects in nearly three dozen states.

Summit specializes in the Southeast and is expanding to certain locations nationwide.

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