Meet Our Leaders

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Marc started his remarkable career in the construction field at the early age of 17 in Orlando, Florida. He got his foot in the door with a large plumbing and fire sprinkler subcontractor in central Florida, and worked after school and all the hours he could until graduation. Marc was never afraid of hard work, and his supervisors took notice. After graduation he was hired full time as an apprentice, and was then quickly promoted to a lead fire sprinkler installer. He continued in the business for over four years, learning the trade, the complexities of commercial construction, and completing many exciting mid-rise and high-rise projects.

    Marc was born an entrepreneur, and in 1989 at 21 years of age he went out on his own and started a construction company. He started a residential construction company in central Florida that quickly grew and evolved into one of the largest specialty subcontracting businesses in the state. He found a niche in the painting industry doing large scale, elevated, surface preparation work. Where many companies were doing this type of work on residential and smaller multi-family structures, Marc found that there was a tremendous need for this work in the commercial and large-scale, multi-family sectors. His years of experience in the commercial plumbing and sprinkler business had taught him the very skills he would need to flourish in this new endeavor. The business boomed, and Marc quickly found himself overseeing a very profitable business with many employees, lots of equipment, and plenty of clients. His fleet of equipment quickly grew so large, that he launched his second company shortly thereafter that specialized in equipment repair. The business kept his fleet in good repair, and became a secondary profit center. The company continued to grow, and did work throughout Florida, Georgia, and Alabama, and for extremely selective clients like Disney.

   In 1998 Marc decided he wanted to get into general contracting. He put his business on the market, and it sold quickly. He went to work for Summit Contractors that same year in central Florida as an assistant superintendent. Opportunities came quickly for Marc and he was promoted in short order to superintendent. He built many multi-family projects for the company throughout the Southeast, and became known for his ability to beat schedules and to accelerate projects that had become bogged down for whatever reason. Again his supervisors took notice, and he was brought into the office for a tour in estimating prior to being made a project manager. He successfully managed projects for the company in the Southeast, Midwest, and up the East Coast as far north as New York; and became known as a frugal and efficient manager.

   In 2007, the entrepreneurial spirit took over again and Marc started Summit Contracting Group with the backing of the founder of Summit Contractors. The business started off focusing on hotel projects, but soon spread quickly back into multi-family. Marc became the sole owner of the business in 2008, and through the trust and relationships he had built with clients and his bonding company he was able to weather the financial downturn by focusing on the HUD market sector. Building a business in the middle of the downturn led to one inevitable event - when the downturn ended the company skyrocketed. By focusing on his clients, earning their repeat business, and delivering extremely high quality products, Marc has built Summit into the leading company in multi-family construction that it is today.

   Marc is licensed in Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee. He is actively involved in the Northeast Florida Builders Association, First Coast Apartment Association, Florida Apartment Association, and the National Apartment Association, and supports a number of other industry organizations. Marc was on the City of Jacksonville’s Streamlining Growth and Opportunity subcommittee, and was recently appointed by the City of Jacksonville Mayor’s Office to be on the Downtown Investment Authority Board.

   Marc is a family man, and enjoys spending time with his wife Nicole and their children. He also enjoys boating, fishing, hunting and restoring classic vehicles with his son Hunter whenever possible. He also actively supports a number of charity organizations in Jacksonville.

Nicole Padgett

Chief Administrative officer, vice president

Nicole’s career path at Summit has been a shining example of the great things that can happen when a company sees great potential in an individual and promotes from within. Nicole started with Summit in 2004 as a project administrator and excelled in the administrative realm. She showed a great proficiency for keeping up with RFIs, ASIs, submittals, and the litany of documentation required for administrating complex construction projects. She was soon thereafter recruited to join the accounting team at Summit and was able to handle the constant juggling and long hours that come with managing the accounting tasks on several construction projects simultaneously.

    In 2007, Summit had the foresight to further promote Nicole into the Corporate Services Department. In corporate services Nicole continued to develop into the key team member she is today; by managing many aspects of human resources, technology, insurance, and licensing sectors for the company. As a Contractor working in many states simultaneously with hundreds of employees, Corporate Services has always been one of the key divisions of the company. Navigating diverse licensing, insurance, employee and legal requirements throughout the United States is one of the hardest parts of the construction business, and Nicole excelled in all areas she touched. Leading into 2009 during the toughest days of the recession, Summit asked Nicole to head up the overhaul and revamping of Summit’s corporate marketing strategy. Through the creative use and integration of traditional marketing tools and the increased use of technology and social media Nicole kept Summit’s customer base, loyal and growing, through the worst recession the industry has ever seen!

    Finally in 2010, Nicole was promoted once again to the position of Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) where she serves today. Nicole’s knowledge of every facet of the company made her a perfect choice for this very demanding and ever evolving position. In her current role, Nicole oversees the roles and processes of administrative, accounting, human resources, and marketing departments through which she rose. Nicole is continuously revising and implementing new policies and procedures to ensure Summit is always ahead of the curve. She is also heavily involved in corporate standards, corporate documentation, corporate policies, and continuous improvement in the company’s technology department. Nicole has been instrumental in developing and promoting the company’s current management team, and continues her team building and corporate culture efforts daily.

bernie cornelius


Bernie is responsible for overseeing management, estimating, pre-construction services and project production within his Jacksonville based division. His leadership and knowledge assures our client / partners of quality construction that is achieved on schedule and within budget in a safe work environment.  Born and raised in Mt. Vernon, Ohio, Bernie Cornelius has made construction his livelihood from day one.  Upon earning his B.S. and B.A. from Ohio State in Construction Management and Business, Bernie immediately entered the contracting world and has worked in many facets of the industry. His 25 plus years of experience are highlighted by his expertise in multi-family, student housing, motel and retirement housing construction. Understanding that life is more than just work, Bernie’s hobbies include golf, baseball, boating and offshore fishing.



zach graham

division manager

Zach Graham started his career in the construction industry at the early age of 16 in California, working in the framing and roofing trades through high school and into his college years. Zach completed much of his undergraduate work at California State University, before completing an apprenticeship in the glass and architectural metal trade in the early 90’s. Zach returned to college in 1996 at Missouri State University and graduated with Bachelors of Science degree in Construction Management in 2001. Zach worked full time throughout his college career in the turnkey framing industry as foreman, estimator, and project manager. After graduating Zach went to work in general contracting, working in the commercial and multi-family markets throughout the Midwest.

In January 2005 Zach joined Summit, and worked as a project manager for seven years before being promoted to Division Manager in 2012. Zach is a licensed general contractor in Florida, Georgia, and Virginia, and is Summit’s LEED Accredited Professional and green building expert. Zach oversees a division of the company with several project managers, numerous projects, and a focus on student housing and higher density, midrise and more urban builds. In his off time, Zach enjoys the outdoors, offshore fishing, cycling, hiking, and spending time with his fiancé and three wonderful children.

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Tacy McGinty

Division Manager

Tacy brings a diverse background to Summit Contracting Group. After graduating from the University of Florida, she began her career in the architectural design industry. Tacy has worked from coast to coast on architectural projects and focused on design development, the constructability of each building on the board, as well as site inspections as each project was being built. During her years of working with general contractors she discovered a keen interest in contracting from the ground up. She traded her pencil and scale for a hard hat and started building. She has worked on all types of construction projects including commercial, retail, high rise renovations and residential communities.

Tacy joined Summit Contracting in 2000 as a Project Manager and has found her home in multifamily construction. Tacy’s outgoing personality, positive attitude combined with an ability to organize and lead has led her to have successfully built over 8,000 units throughout the South and Midwest. Client relationships and providing each Owner the product they envision, on budget and on time has been the cornerstone of her success with Summit. Tacy’s Division focuses on garden style apartment construction. When she is not building apartment complexes she enjoys the beach, her gardens and Bikram yoga.

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Division Manager

Dennis heads up the Atlanta Division of Summit Contracting Group. Dennis holds a BA in Construction Technologies and an AA in Civil Engineering. He has over 30 years of construction experience with the construction of over 20,000 Multifamily units to his credit. Dennis's experience ranges from Multifamily, Student Housing, Senior Living, Assisted Living, Nursing Care Facilities, and Condominium Communities. This experience includes several HUD projects. Fortunately for Summit, Dennis has worked with three developer builders in the past and with this experience, he possesses the ability to "walk in the Owner's shoes," while constructing a project for the client. Dennis's hobbies include motorcycling, fishing, hiking, and boating.


Zach Andry

Division Manager

Zach Andry has over 20 years of experience in the construction industry including Multifamily and Class A Commercial builds. He started at Summit as a Project Manager in 2013, and proved to be a valued team member with demonstrated passion for the industry and leadership skills. He was promoted to Division Manager in October of 2017. Zach holds a B.A. in Construction Management from the University of North Florida and is a Certified General Contractor in Florida. When he's not building apartments, Zach prioritizes time with his family and enjoys surfing. When asked what he loves about the construction industry he replies: "It is very rewarding to start with a clean slate (piece of ground) and watch what grows out of nothing to be a completed project. Much better than pushing paper all day!"

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Kerry Lim

Division Manager

Kerry Lim has over 20 years of experience in the construction industry. He started working as a roofer when he was in high school, and then moved to an intern position at an Architecture firm in McLean, VA. Subsequently, Kerry worked for a Master Carpentry/General Contractor performing Project Management work while in college. Kerry holds a B.S. in Building Construction from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, and is a Certified General Contractor in Florida. After graduation, Kerry successfully managed Class A office towers, high end condominiums, hotel, and apartment projects. He started at Summit as a Project Manager in 2014 and showcased his managerial skills by completing projects on time and under budget. He was promoted to Division Manager in September of 2018. Kerry has a wife and two kids, and in his spare time he loves to go to his daughter’s gymnastics meets, travel, and try to play golf.



DIRECTOR OF Pre-construction services

Luke joined Summit Contracting Group in 2011, and has over 20 years of construction experience. He leads the Preconstruction Department and is responsible for all aspects of estimating including conceptual estimating, working through pre-construction activities, project bids, permits, and construction schedules. Luke has also proved himself to be an invaluable asset in the field of Business Development by creating relationships with new clients, as well as growing relationships with current clients, and managing workloads.



Ed holds over 20 years of construction accounting and has experience working for Developers, General Contractors and Subcontractors. He is responsible for the day to day operations of the accounting department and the overall financial reporting for the organization.

Ed graduated from Michigan State University with a B.A. in Accounting and later returned to school at Florida Atlantic University where he obtained his State of Florida Certified Public Accountant License. When Ed is not working, he can be found spending time with his family or participating in outdoor activities. 



Aaron Trascritti currently serves as Summit’s Director of Client Relations. Aaron came to Summit after graduating from the University of Iowa in 2014 with a degree in Business and Entrepreneurial Management. He is responsible for maintaining close relationships with current clients as well as generating new business by developing relationships with new cliental. Aaron focuses on ensuring that every one of our clients receive the same incredible experience while working with Summit and that a loyal partnership is formed to optimize repeat business. Other duties Aaron is responsible for include facilitating and managing all public relations activities such as press releases, sponsorships, advertising, and charities, as well as working with our marketing team to develop all marketing strategies. 

mike white

Director of network administration

Michael White is Director of Network Administration for Summit Contracting Group, Inc. Michael got his degree in the State of Florida and has over 20 years of hands-on experience with computers, programming, software, trouble shooting and managing networks. Michael has continued his education and certifications throughout his entire career.

In his recent years at Summit, Mike transitioned the company into utilizing the most recent cutting edge technology, while managing to increase productivity in the process. Michael is also one of few Certified SAVANT Dealers in Northeast Florida, offering top of the line home and office automation technology.

Christina Shafer

DIRECTOR OF Internal controls

Christi currently serves as Summit’s Director of Internal Controls. She is responsible for all of Summit’s overhead accounting, as well as the overhead accounting for Summit’s partnered entities. In addition, Christi manages Summit’s corporate credit card accounts, which includes coding, entering, paying all corporate and field credit card balances, and instructing employees on using the Concur expense reporting software. Christi also helps with many corporate duties such as licensing and other administrative tasks. 




Rebecca Willis currently serves as Summit’s Director of Corporate Services. She is responsible for conducting new employee orientations at headquarters and administering employee health, welfare, and retirement plans. Rebecca works to ensure effective utilization of these plans and keeping positive employee relations. Other duties include nationwide licensing for the company; administration of Owner Contracts and Bonds, Corporate Insurance including GL/WC/Auto/Etc. & Obtaining COI’s, keeping office and jobsites up to date with required Federal and State posters, and working closely with the safety director to ensure proper documentation and prevention of injury for Summit employees. She has been with Summit since 2012.


Nicole George

Director of Marketing

Nicole George currently serves as Summit's Director of Marketing. She is responsible for maintaining and enhancing the Summit Brand through the website, press releases, social media, printed collateral, apparel, signage, and events.

Nicole has over 12 years of experience in graphic design and marketing with skills in advertising, design, direct mail, digital media, printing, and campaign management. Nicole completed a B.A. from SUNY New Paltz, where she majored in Anthropology, and then went on to complete an A.S. in Graphic Design from Santa Fe College in Gainesville, FL.