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Subcontractors and Vendors

Become a Subcontractor or Vendor with Us!

Start your registration process here to become a qualified subcontractor or vendor on a Summit Contracting Group project.

The registration is free and will make your company’s information available to the estimators in our Pre-Construction Department.

We call this process our “Pre-Qualification for Prospective Subcontractors and Vendors.” We want to understand your work scope and the volume your company can complete. We do this to match subcontractors with upcoming project scopes and locations.


NOTICE: Prospective Vendors and Subcontractors are not allowed on a construction site at any time. All communication must go through our Pre-construction Department.

Summit Contracting Group is a Drug-Free Workplace and an Equal Employment Opportunity.


A subcontractor is a company that performs work or services on a construction project site, such as site work, plumbing, painting, cabinet installation, etc.

Subcontractors are invited to bid on projects (contracted by Summit) after they have completed the Pre-qualification, are approved to work on a Summit project, and your scope of work matches a project. A request to bid will be sent to the estimating contact registered in your account.

REQUIRED DOCUMENTATION: All subcontractors must have active insurance (GL, Auto, and Worker’s Comp), business license (if applicable), and bonding capacity to qualify.  

NOTE: We are not currently processing applications from Framers or Cleaning Crews.


A vendor is a company that provides materials used in project construction. A vendor may not perform any work on the construction site; however, they store, ship, and deliver materials to the project site.

Vendors for multifamily construction projects provide high-value materials in large volumes and subsequently must complete a pre-qualification process.

How do I qualify? What’s involved?

  1. Fill out the registration form on this website.
  2. You will receive an email with further instructions for submitting your application and documentation.
  3. Complete the application and submit the requested documentation.
  4. You must submit all documentation before Summit can review your Pre-Qualification Application.
Required Documentation:
  • Scope of Work (Material/Labor)
  • Previous Work Experience
  • Contractor References
  • Proof of Insurance with COI (click here for sample COI)
  • Bonding Capacity, Letter of Surety
  • W-9 Taxpayer ID
  • Contractor Business License (if applicable)
  • 3-Years Financial Statements or Tax Returns
  • OSHA 200/300 Reports, 5-Year Search Report
  • Safety Policy


Please fill out the form to begin the Pre-Qualification registration.

Use a desktop web browser to complete this form (it is not scalable for mobile devices).