Nicole Sanzosti Padgett

Nicole Padgett

Chief Administrative officer, vice president

Nicole Padgett is an exemplary representation of strong leadership and passion for her work. She provides direction on a daily basis to over 100 employees at Summit Contracting Group, and it’s her drive and ability to inspire passion that encourages her team to reach their shared goals.

Nicole was never handed any position she didn’t earn. She successfully worked her way up and through every role under corporate services at Summit.

Employees, clients, and subcontractors alike respect Nicole as a leader with integrity, a generous heart, inspiring strength, and a keen judge of character. All these qualities naturally leading to success in her professional life and positive influence on everyone in her personal life. 

Nicole and Marc Padgett at a Promise to Kate Fundraiser

Nicole and Marc Padgett at a Promise to Kate Fundraiser

Community Involvement

Nicole leads Summit Contracting Group’s philanthropy initiatives in addition to her own personal charity donations and volunteer hours.

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Nicole Padgett at the 2017 40 Under 40 Awards Lunch

Nicole Padgett at the 2017 40 Under 40 Awards Lunch

2017 40 Under 40 Business Leaders

What inspired you to get to where you are today? Adversity. I was young, I was a mom and I spoke up. I had to work twice as hard. I gave it everything. That’s what drives me.

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Commitment to Civic Duty

Nicole Padgett is also dedicated to serving the City of Jacksonville.

Nicole remains in her At-Large position on the City of Jacksonville Planning Commission, with the addition of being promoted to Chair towards the end of 2018, along with the Mayor’s Subcommittees “For a Safer Jacksonville” and “Build Something That Lasts.”

She continues to donate as much of her time, wisdom, and finances as she can to help improve our community.


Promoting From Within

Nicole Padgett’s career path at Summit has been a shining example of the great things that can happen when a company sees great potential in an individual and promotes from within.

Nicole started with Summit in 2004 as a Project Administrator and quickly excelled in the administrative realm. She showed a great proficiency for keeping up with RFIs, ASIs, submittals, and the litany of documentation required for administrating complex construction projects. She was soon thereafter recruited to join the accounting team at Summit and was able to handle the constant juggling and long hours that come with managing the accounting tasks on several construction projects simultaneously.

Rising Through the Ranks of Corporate Services

In 2007, Summit had the foresight to further promote Nicole into the Corporate Services Department. In this role Nicole continued to develop into the key team member she is today by managing all aspects of human resources, technology, insurance, and licensing sectors for the company. As a General Contractor working in many states simultaneously with hundreds of employees; navigating the diverse licensing, insurance, employment and legal requirements is a crucial and often challenging responsibility. Nicole stepped up to the task, excelling in every area she touched.

Leading into 2009 during the toughest days of the recession, Summit asked Nicole to head up the overhaul and revamping of Summit’s corporate marketing strategy. Through the creative use and integration of traditional marketing tools and the increased use of technology and social media, Nicole kept Summit’s customer base loyal and growing, through the worst recession the industry has ever seen!

Chief Administrative Officer (CAO)

In 2010, Nicole was promoted once again to the position of Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) where she serves today. Nicole’s knowledge of every facet of the company made her a perfect choice for this very demanding and ever evolving position. In her current role, Nicole oversees the roles and processes of administrative, accounting, human resources, and marketing departments through which she rose. Nicole is continuously revising and implementing new policies and procedures to ensure Summit is always ahead of the curve. She is also heavily involved in corporate standards, corporate documentation, corporate policies, and continuous improvement in the company’s technology department. Nicole has been instrumental in developing and promoting the company’s current management team, and continues her team building and corporate culture efforts daily.