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Marc Padgett holds Contractors Licenses and is a Qualifier for Summit in the Southeastern and Midwest United States.

He has been involved in commercial and multifamily construction for over 30 years including tax credit, senior living, hotel, renovations and market rate projects.

He loves building and working closely with the team to ensure that Summit’s standards of quality are achieved, as well as the client’s expectations.

Prior to being Principal with Summit, Marc spent time as a Superintendent, Estimator, Project Manager and Senior Project Manager. This experience at each level gave him insight and expertise to manage all daily operations of Summit Contracting Group including: contract negotiations, marketing management, estimating, preconstruction services, and value engineering.

Industry and Civil Involvement

Marc Padgett is a licensed General Contractor in multiple states and he is actively involved in several multifamily industry organizations.

Marc was on the City of Jacksonville’s Streamlining Growth and Opportunity sub-committee and was appointed by the City of Jacksonville Mayor’s Office to be on the Downtown Investment Authority Board.

Summit's Market Watch

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Marc's Background

Marc's career path and how Summit Contracting Group was formed.

An Early Start in Construction

Marc Padgett started his remarkable career in the construction field at the early age of 17 in Orlando, Florida. He got his foot in the door with a large plumbing and fire sprinkler subcontractor in Central Florida, and the worked after school and all the hours he could until graduation.

Marc was never afraid of hard work and because of this, his supervisors took notice. After graduation, he was hired full time as an apprentice and was quickly promoted to a lead fire sprinkler installer. He continued in the business for over four years, learning the trade, the complexities of commercial construction, and completing many exciting mid-rise and high-rise projects.

Born an Entrepreneur

Marc ventured out on his own and launched a construction company in 1989 at the age of 21. It was a residential construction company in Central Florida that quickly evolved and grew into one of the largest specialty subcontracting businesses in the state.

He found a niche in the painting industry doing large scale, elevated, surface preparation work. Many companies were doing this type of work on residential and smaller multifamily structures; however, Marc found that there was a tremendous need for this work in commercial and large-scale multifamily.

From Sprinklers to Equipment Fleet

His years of experience in the commercial plumbing and sprinkler business had taught him the very skills he would need to flourish. Then Marc quickly found himself overseeing a very profitable business with many employees, lots of equipment, and plenty of clients.

His fleet of equipment quickly grew so large, that he launched his second company shortly thereafter, that specialized in equipment repair. The business kept his fleet in good repair and became a secondary profit center. The company continued to grow, and did work throughout Florida, Georgia, and Alabama including for extremely selective high-profile clients like Disney.

General Contracting

In 1998, Marc decided he wanted to get into general contracting. He put his business on the market, and it sold quickly. He went to work for Summit Contractors that same year in Central Florida as an assistant superintendent. Opportunities came quickly for Marc and he was promoted in short order to superintendent. He built many multifamily projects for the company throughout the Southeast and became known for his ability to beat schedules.

A Frugal and Efficient Manager

Again, his supervisors took notice, and he was brought into the office to work as an estimator and then a project manager. He successfully managed projects in the Southeast, Midwest and up the East Coast as far north as New York, becoming known as a frugal and efficient project manager.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

In 2007, Marc’s entrepreneurial spirit took over again and he incorporated Summit Contracting Group, Inc. The business started off focusing on hotel projects, but soon spread quickly back into multifamily. Marc began the business at the start of a national financial crisis. Through the trust and relationships that he had built with clients and his bonding company, he was able to weather the financial downturn by focusing on the HUD market sector.

Quality and Client Relationships

Building a business in the middle of the downturn led to one inevitable event: when the downturn ended the company skyrocketed. By focusing on his clients, earning their repeat business, and delivering extremely high quality products, Marc had built Summit into the leading company in multifamily construction that it is today.