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Summit hosted a tour for a group a students from the UNF Construction Management Program.

They got a closeup look at our project under construction at the corner of Kernan and Beach Blvd in Jacksonville. This apartment development will consist of 301 units in 17 buildings with clubhouse, carriage-house garages, and high-end amenities.

The tour was led by Tacy McGinty, a Division Manager at Summit, who has 25 years in the industry. She started her career in architecture and through that discovered her love of construction:

“The art of construction is taking perceived chaos and molding it into streamline efficiency. It is an art form no different than painting or sculpting – taking something that was blank, lifeless or shapeless and turning it into something wanted by others. From the first line drawn on a cocktail napkin to the final polishing of the floors… looking at the future while moving each player through each step, each nail, each part and piece that creates a whole… the only way to make the process seem effortless is through the planning, organization and hard work from many. What has kept me fascinated with construction year after year is that this puzzle of materials and people is always evolving and changing, yet is familiar at the same time.”