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More Women Are Needed In Multifamily Construction Careers

In March, we celebrate Women’s History Month and Women in Construction Week to help strengthen the success of women in the industry. We interviewed women at Summit Contracting Group to learn their perspectives on roles in multifamily construction.

Every level of the construction industry needs more workers, especially in skilled trades; however, only one in ten construction workers is a woman, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

How do we encourage more women to join the industry? Why do we love this career?
Women numbered 10.9 percent of the entire U.S. construction workforce in 2022
U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics
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Are there more women in the industry now, compared to past years?

“There are certainly more women in construction than ever before, and definitely from when I first started,” Says Summit’s CAO, Nicole Padgett. “There are more women architects, engineers, developers, property managers, and construction superintendents. A perfect example, we now have entire subcontractor groups that are women. That never happened 20 years ago. Back then, it was rare for a woman to enter the field in any position except as administrative support.”


“Being a woman in construction is about taking action; it’s not about talk. When I started as a Project Manager, I was the only female PM in the company. There was a stigma to overcome – but I proved myself through my work and decision-making skills.” – Tacy McGinty, Division Manager

The Reward is Great for Those Who Love It!

The best way to encourage more women to enter a construction career path is to show them that this field provides an excellent living and offers professional advancement.

“It’s hard for women to imagine a role in construction. There needs to be more work put into recruiting women into trade schools while also helping them envision life and seeing the financial benefits of the industry.” – Caitlyn, Project Administrator

A significant reason to join the industry is that the gender pay gap is significantly less in construction compared to other industries, with women earning about 95.5 percent of what their male counterpart makes compared to the average 82.9 percent. [https://www.nawic.org/statistics]

“Women want to work in this field for the same reasons as men: the challenges and rewards. The only reason there aren’t more women in construction is historical precedent. Building projects are fast-paced with high stakes, and there are daily challenges – it may not be for everyone, but the reward is great for those who love it.” – Nicole Padgett

We love to Build!

“From the excitement of seeing my project go from trees to a completed product, I quickly realized this is exactly where I am meant to be. Every aspect of the industry makes me enjoy going to work each day.” – Missy, Superintendent

Teamwork, Dedication, Professional Growth

“I owe everything to my many friends and previous colleagues who patiently mentored me and always made me feel I had something valuable to contribute.” – Jennifer, Lead Superintendent

Our office-based team members participated in an open discussion on women’s roles in construction. Tacy McGinty, Division Manager, guided a tour of Flagler Crossing project in St. Augustine, where the project flow was put into perspective by witnessing the movement of multiple trades on the job site at one time.

“Joining the construction industry, you continue to grow because there is always something to learn no matter the position you are in.” – Samantha, Project Accountant


“As a woman who has devoted more than half of her life to this industry, it is notably important to me that we create a lasting legacy worthy of survival. This is where our current mission lies: we need to do a better job at reaching our youth and educating them on the opportunities this industry can provide for women.” – Amanda, Preconstruction Services

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