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Summit VP Advocates for Careers in Construction Trades

Trades Appreciation is a Big Part of Summit’s Success

It’s important to work with a company that can relate to your specific position and career.

Both our President and VP, Marc Padgett and Bernie Cornelius, grew up in the trades, ran jobs as superintendents and currently run Summit Contracting Group as the biggest supporters of our field teams and subcontractors.  

Summit has been ranked as the #1 Multifamily Builder in the nation because we appreciate our trades as much as our clients. That’s a big part of our secret to success.

Recently, Bernie contributed to a video project that highlights careers in plumbing. 

What’s great about being a plumber?  

Watch this video! Bernie Cornelius is featured, advocating for careers in construction trades.

Bernie Cornelius is featured in a recent video from American Plumber Stories, along with plumbing industry professionals and NAHB, to advocate for the profession and careers in skilled trades.

Thousands of tradespeople are needed in the construction industry right now. We encourage people to join the construction industry, because a skilled trade career can offer great pay and quality of life.