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collage of photos of valentines and flowers and people

Sharing Valentines with Our Community

This Valentine’s Day we took time to reflect on the importance of appreciating others and sharing kindness. Team members at our office got together to write out valentine messages and package some sweet treats to give away.

We had the pleasure of delivering Valentine carnations, candy and games to Caroline Oaks Apartments and Mary Eaves Apartments in Jacksonville, Florida (Summit was the GC for both properties). Residents of both communities celebrated Valentine’s Day with a Lovers Lane Brunch.

We also delivered flowers, games and candy to Hubbard House, a shelter and resource for victims of domestic violence. Summit has collected school supplies and holiday gifts for this non-profit in recent years. They are always in need of items to fill their food pantry, cleaning supplies and more to support their residents.

Learn how you can help Hubbard House: https://www.hubbardhouse.org/