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Meet the New Chief Administrative Officer

Aaron Trascritti Promoted to CAO at Summit

We are pleased to announce that Aaron Trascritti has been promoted to Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) of Summit Contracting Group.

Aaron has been learning the business of general contracting and operations management with us since 2014. His insights are instrumental in improving procedures that directly affect the overall success of the company and the staff.

We are very proud of his dedication to Summit and all of our staff, and we’re confident that Aaron will continue to propel us forward as our CAO.

When asked what he likes most about his career at Summit, Aaron says:

“As a teenager I thought I would be a professional musician, the construction industry was not on my radar, but I’m thankful to have found this career path. Even though I have set responsibilities, every day is different and I am constantly learning new things. I love working for Summit because of the great people, and working with those people together to produce a quality product that is tangible and can not only be seen but also positively effects the lifestyles of the people who end up living in the communities we build.”


Congratulations Aaron!

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